Strategic Direction in a Competitive Environment

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Richard MacLean & Associates, LLC is an environmental, health and safety (EHS) management consulting firm located in Arizona serving clients domestically and internationally. We provide corporations with the programs and tools needed to make them more competitive and effective, in other words, more sustainable.  We are dedicated to bringing innovative solutions to issues involving corporate social responsibility. We will help your organization achieve environmental, health and safety excellence while improving your competitive position in today's demanding business environment.

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1997 - 2013
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Company Profile

Even the largest international EHS consulting firms do not have the staff available to provide superior results in every aspect of EHS management services. Richard MacLean & Associates, LLC provides excellence in EHS consulting through a network of alliances of world class experts hand picked for your particular needs. Formerly with Competitive Environment, Inc., the Director, Richard MacLean, has more than 35 years of project and program management experience spanning five continents and fourteen countries. If your needs are outside his specific areas of expertise or if the project requires a team of professionals, he will assemble a top notch team with the qualifications matching the project scope. Whether one or a hundred individuals are required, Richard MacLean & Associates, LLC will bring you the results you want on time and within budget.

Our Mission

Richard MacLean & Associates is committed to demonstrating that it is possible to gain a competitive advantage by the optimization of resources dedicated to environmental, health and safety programs and by the creative management of EHS issues and opportunities. Our focus is to answer the questions:

“Are we spending too much or too little on
Environmental, Health & Safety?”

"Are we properly positioning our company
relative to Sustainable Development and
Corporate Social Responsibility?"

“Are we getting the maximum value out of
our environmental investments?”

We design and implement solutions to make your organization more competitive.




  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational restructuring
  • Business Vision Alignment™ (Strategic Visioning)
  • Management Systems
  • Business due diligence & audits
  • Green marketing

Environmental Report Analysis

  • 3-D SPACE™ Report Analysis (Technical analysis for weaknesses and errors)

Sustainable Development Metrics & Accounting

  • Metric Stakeholder Mapping™

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Stakeholder venerability analysis
  • Benchmarking / Networking
  • Strategic alliances
  • Stakeholder partnerships

Contact information

Richard MacLean
Richard MacLean & Associates, LLC
350 Hidden Valley Drive
Prescott, AZ 86303-5384
Tel: 928-777-9212
Cell: 480-227-7079


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