Strategic Direction in a Competitive Environment

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CD ROM of Vital EH&S Publications
 1997 - 2013, by Richard MacLean

Innovative articles covering today's most critical Corporate issues including:
      Governance   -     Organizational Change   -     Metrics    -    Strategy     . . . and much more
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The collection (a $65 value) is now available on CD ROM for only $24.95 (plus shipping/handling).
Over 200 Articles !
 Nearly 19 MBs of information ! Over 500 pages in easy to use PDF files !

Why purchase the CD ROM? After all, most of the articles are on the site, free of charge...
It would take hours to download all the information you need!
The CD ROM is indexed and grouped by subject matter

Richard MacLean is noted for telling it like it is in a straight forward (sometimes politically incorrect), practical and easy to read style with some humor thrown in. EH&S professionals need the latest information, not stuff years out of date. This information covers what is going on NOW.



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