Strategic Direction in a Competitive Environment

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning






Strategic planning is an ideal tool to re-engage management on emerging issues, and priorities. The strategic planning model that CE uses is shown in the accompanying figure. The process provides EH&S managers with the tools to:

  • Obtain budget support 
  • Demonstrating shareholder value
  • Coordinate internal and external resources
  • Increase business management's awareness of emerging issues

This workshop is an adaptation of workshops run by Richard MacLean for major corporations.  Its proven techniques might be the ideal approach for your corporation's planning needs.  


Business in the Environment

Business in the EnvironmentThis business workshop examines long-range environmental, health and safety challenges and presents cutting edge tools and techniques. Participants will improve their ability to develop powerful competitive strategies that improve both business and EH&S performance.  Now available for presentation as either a stand-alone workshop or in conjunction with your next company EH&S meeting or business conference. Its most recent delivery was in October 2008 at a half day workshop Competing in a Global Economy - Essential Environmental Performance Areas for senior business managers in the Xiangtan, Hunan Province China. To learn more about it click on the BE logo at the top right.

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