Strategic Direction in a Competitive Environment

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Strategic Alliances


  • Conducted scores of benchmarking programs for a variety of areas, most recently on EHS shared services organizational structure. In the process of doing this, established extensive contacts within industry, the media, NGO’s, and regulatory agencies, both domestically and internationally.

Stakeholder Partnerships

  • Conceived of, organized and gained board of director management support for a number of industry firsts. For example:
    • Established the first three-way alliance with EPA, Arizona Department of Environmental Quality;
    • Established the first strategic alliance with the National Parks Service;
    • The first utility to sign the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES) Principles; and 
    • Among the first companies accepted to EPA’s Environmental Leadership Program (ELP).
  • Negotiated the first inter-pollutant SO2/CO2 market trade between two utilities. This concept received international recognition (e.g., reported in the London Financial Times) market-based.
  • Established a number of university partnerships and intern programs. Examples include alliances with Yale University, Tufts University, Arizona State University, and Northeastern University.

Public Outreach, Green Marketing & Media Campaigns

  • Successfully obtained scores of permits for manufacturing facility expansions, hazardous waste treatment facility construction and operation, and site remediations. Many of these involved potentially volatile, sensitive community relations issues.
  • Through a trade association, WEST, led 18 western utilities in developing a strategy to address regional haze with the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport commission.
  • Reviewed and provided the national television advertising campaigns of a large multinational.
  • Developed the metrics and published the first environmental report for a western utility.
  • Assisted in the design and structure of a number of hazardous waste site auditing groups. More recently supported the development of an auditing group for western utilities.
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