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Listed below are the publications by Richard MacLean. Almost every article since 1995 has immediate access through its web links. The other articles are available by contacting Richard MacLean directly. To be notified of new articles as they become available, please join our email list.

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  1. Perverse Trade-offs - Ethical considerations in sustainable development,Environmental Quality Management, Spring 2011.

  2. Resource Wars - What’s Your Battle Plan?, EM Magazine, March 2011.

  3. Checking the Sustainable Development Box, Environmental Quality Management, Spring 2010.

  4. Memo to Management: What “going green” can mean to a company, Brilliant Results, March 2010.

  5. Checking the Sustainable Development Box, Environmental Quality Management, Spring 2010.

  6. The Six Mistakes Executives Make in Risk Management, EM Magazine , January/February 2010.

  7. The Selling of Sustainability, The Environmental Forum, Environmental Law Institute, January/February 2010.

  8. The Road to (Environmental) Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions, Environmental Quality Management, Winter 2009.

  9. Sustainable Development: Tomorrow's Salvation or Today's Hype?, World Future Society's 2009 conference volume, Innovation and Creativity in a Complex World.

  10. Operating in Lean Times - An examination of best and worst practices for right-sizing environmental departments, Environmental Quality Management, Summer 2009.

  11. Sustainable Delopment: Tomorrow's Salvation or Today's Hype?, World Future Society's 2009 conference volume, "Innovation and Creativity in a Complex World"

  12. Consulting in Tough Economic Times, EM Magazine, March 2009.

  13. Telling Stories – The power of scenario planning in executive communication, Environmental Quality Management, Winter 2008.
  14. Career Tracks - Sustainable Development and Its Career Implications, Part 2, EM Magazine, August 2008.

  15. Outcries that the sky is falling do more harm than good, Arizona Republic Viewpoints section, June 1, 2008. 

  16. Fast Governance, Environmental Quality Management, Summer 2008.

  17. Career Tracks - Sustainable Development and Its Career Implications, Part 1, EM Magazine, May 2008.

  18. Do Voluntary Programs Work? The Environmental Forum, March/April 2008.

  19. Choosing the Right Shade of Green - Keep your marketing programs in sync with the environment, Brilliant Results, Vol. 6, No. 3 (March 2008).  

  20. Integrating the Elements of a Strategy - A step-by-step path to success, EM Magazine, March 2008.

  21. Corporate Environmentalism - How deep is the green? Environmental Quality Management, Spring 2008.

  22. Ignoring Impending Disasters - Why do the warning signs go unheeded?, EM Magazine, January 2008, Pages 30-31.

  23. Get Organized! - How should facilities organize their environmental, health, and safety (EHS) functions?, Environmental Quality Management, Winter 2007, Pages 95-98. 

  24. Affluenza - At What Point Does Conspicuous Consumption Become Toxic?, EM Magazine, November 2007, Pages 26-27.

  25. Are Voluntary Standards Working? Environmental Quality Management, Autumn 2007.

  26. Reefer Madness - Trying to understand the real ecological problems can drive you crazy, Crosslands Bulletin on Business, Law and the Environment, September 2007.

  27. Closing the Credibility Gap: The Challenges of Corporate Responsibility Reporting, Environmental Quality Management, Summer 2007.

  28. Correcting the Communication Conundrum - Models help management understand emerging EHS dynamics, April 2007.

  29. Keeping on the Green and Avoiding the Sand Traps - Playing the Environmental Game to Win, Brilliant Results, March 2007.

  30. Environmental Politics and Strategy - Five years later, Environmental Protection, September 2006.

  31. In Your Face (Mask) - Environmental degradation starts to affect us - here and now, Crosslands Bulletin on Business, Law and the Environment, September 2006.

  32. Conference Changes - What's Hot, What's Not, and Why, Environmental Protection, July/August 2006.

  33. The Six W's of Leadership - What Kind of EHS Leader Are You? Environmental Protection, June 2006.

  34. It's NOT My Job - In a changing business environment, just what are your job responsibilities? Environmental Protection, May 2006.

  35. Auditing - Moving through four transitions, Environmental Protection, April 2006.

  36. The Folly of 100% Compliance - How a myopic focus on compliance minimizes strategic thinking and business value, Environmental Protection, March 2006.

  37. Product Stewardship (Part 2) Adding Governance to your stewardship strategy - Environmental Protection, January/February 2006, Pages 10-11.

  38. Corporate Environmentalism: In search of vision, leadership, and strategy, Environmental Quality Management, Volume 15, Issue 1, Autumn 2005, Pages 1-14.

  39. Product Stewardship (Part 1) Adding Governance to your stewardship strategy - Environmental Protection, November/December 2005, Pages 12-15.

  40. The Shifting Roles Of NGOs - Moving Toward a “Superpower," Co-authored by Brijesh Nalinakumari, PERC Reports – The Magazine of Free Market Environmentalism, Volume 23, Number 4, December 20014-15.

  41. Engagement at the Top - EHS governance takes on new dimensions when business executives and the board of directors seek a second opinion, Environmental Protection, October 2005, Pages 12, 14, 42.

  42. Act Locally; Benchmark Globally - It’s time to broaden your search for EHS best practices, Environmental Protection, September 2005.

  43. Map Your Value Proposition: Strategy maps can reveal how EHS contributes to the business - Environmental Protection, July/August 2005.

  44. NGOs: A Primer on the Evolution of the Organizations That Are Setting the Next Generation of “Regulations” - Environmental Quality Management, Co-authored by Brijesh Nalinakumari, Volume 14, Issue 4, Summer 2005, pages 1-21.

  45. Global Drivers: Dealing with the next generation of regulations, standards, and corporate watchdogs, Environmental Protection, June 2005.

  46. Merger Mania Math - Restructured EHS organizations face the new math: 1+1=3/4, Environmental Protection, May 2005.

  47. Identifying Metrics with Strategic Business Impact - Step one: Understand the difference between financial and managerial accounting, Environmental Protection, April 2005.

  48. Killer Meetings - EHS professionals are dying to go to some meetings; others bore them to death, Environmental Protection, March 2005.

  49. Information Technology Systems Some IT systems cost millions. Are they worth it? Environmental Protection, January/February 2005, Pages 12-15.

  50. ISO environmental standards, ISO environmental standards - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, December 2004.

  51. Force Multiplier: Stakeholder networking has undergone a dramatic transformation — what might it mean to your organization? Environmental Protection, November/December 2004.

  52. EHS Organizational Quality: A DuPont Case Study - Best practices in corporate environmental, health, and safety organizational design Environmental Quality Management, pages 19-27, Winter 2004.

  53. Communicating Environmental, Health and Safety Value: First identify the real obstacles to communication, Environmental Protection, October 2004, Pages 12-15.

  54. Environmental Management Systems, A controversial three part series appearing in Environmental Protection, February, March, September 2004.

  55. The New Rule Makers: The Paradigm Shift in Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social Responsibility “Regulations” Now Underway, Co-authored by Brijesh Nalinakumari, Corporate Environmental Strategy: International Journal for Sustainable Business, Vol. 11, Issue 8, pages 2-183 - 2-198, September 2004.

  56. Organizations in Transition: An Annotated Bibliography of Published Literature on Environmental, Health and Safety Organizations - Co-authored by Elizabeth Karan, Corporate Environmental Strategy: International Journal for Sustainable Business, Vol. 11, Issue 7, pages 2-163 - 2-182, July/August 2004.

  57. Green Tag, Improving the Environment - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, August 2004.

  58. Better Benchmarking - How to derive more value and insight in a survey-weary world, Environmental Protection, July/August 2004.

  59. Preparing for an Uncertain Future - Environmental strategic planning essentials, Environmental Protection, June 2004.

  60. EH&S Organizations, Sustainable Development - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, June 2004.

  61. Deep Green - Characteristics of companies that take environmental, health and safety performance seriously, Environmental Protection, May 2004.

  62. Shrinking Staffs, Seeking PhD- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, May 2004.

  63. If Neanderthals Become Homo Sapiens, Will Anyone Recognize the Difference?- Many industries have changed, but getting public opinion to change is another matter, Environmental Protection, April 2004.

  64. Cutbacks 1, Cutbacks 2, Bright Lights Postscript- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, April 2004.

  65. Template for Assessing Corporate Performance: Benchmarking EHS Organizations - A matrix-based selection system for identifying "best-in-class" EHS organizations- , Co-authored with Yilun Yang, Environmental Quality Management, Vol. 13, No. 3, Spring 2004.

  66. Environmental Management Systems Part 2- Do they provide real business value?, Environmental Protection, March 2004.

  67. Risk Review, Adding Business Value- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, March 2004.

  68. Environmental Management Systems Do they provide real business value?, Environmental Protection, February 2004, Pages 12-14.

  69. Office Depot, EHS Metrics- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, February 2004.

  70. Salary, NGO Funding- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, January 2004.

  71. So You Need To Be a Consultant? A survival guide to making the transition to being on your own, Environmental Protection, January 2004, Pages 14-17.

  72. Superior Environmental Health and Safety Performance A peer survey of what it is and which corporations have it- Environmental Quality Management, Vol. 13, No. 2, Winter 2003.

  73. Voluntary Environmental Initiatives, Publishing Articles- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, December 2003.

  74. Becoming an Independent Consultant, Spam and Consulting- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, November 2003.

  75. The Strategy of Value Adding business value takes a strategy, not just tactics, Environmental Protection, November/December 2003, Pages 14-16.

  76. Sustainable Careers Parts 1,2 & 3 A compilation of the three-part series on the future of environmental, health and safety professionals, Environmental Protection, October 2003.

  77. Out to Lunch Confronting business management's awareness of environmental realities, Environmental Protection, October 2003, Pages 14-17.

  78. EH&S Departments, Environmental Organizations- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, October 2003.

  79. Sustainable Careers Part 3 Positioning Oneself in a Changing Job Environment, Environmental Protection, September 2003, Pages 24-27.

  80. Corporate Environmental Organizations: Evolving Business Management Strategies Co-authored by Elizabeth Karan, Corporate Environmental Strategy: International Journal of Corporate Sustainability, Vol. 10, Issue 8, September 2003.   

  81. Benchmarking Studies, Significant Environmental Issues- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, September 2003.

  82. Environmental Surveys, Job Search- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, August 2003.

  83. EPA's views of EMS, Why no EMS at EPA?, Sustainable Development Progress Report- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, July 2003.

  84. EH&S Job Market, Career Decisions, Building an EMS- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, June 2003.

  85. Selecting a Consultant, Career Decisions- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, May 2003.

  86. Where's The Real Value? Searching for environmental value that matters to executives, Environmental Protection, May 2003, Pages 16-19.

  87. EH&S Conferences, Core Competencies - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, April 2003.

  88. Sustainable Careers Part 2 Future Career Prospects for Environmental Professionals, Environmental Protection, April 2003, Pages 12-14.

  89. Career Prospects, Environmental Trends - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, March 2003.

  90. The Three Levels of Environmental Governance Where is your company in the spectrum: Passive - Active - Aggressive?, Environmental Protection, March 2003, Pages 20-23.

  91. Defining Superior EH&S Programs, Report Verification- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, February 2003.

  92. Hard-ware, Soft-ware, People-ware Environmental technology has never been better: It's the environmental professionals that may be "endangered", Chemistry Business, February 2003, Pages 16-18.

  93. Sustainable Careers Preserving your career options while protecting the environment, Environmental Protection, January/February 2003, Pages 14-15.

  94. Social Responsibility Reports, NGOs- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, January 2003.

  95. Whistle Blowing, Sustainable Development- Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, December 2002.

  96. World Summit, Paper vs. Plastic, Recycling - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, November 2002.

  97. Brown Bricks  Often it's an individual rather than "the system" that holds back progress, Environmental Protection, November/December 2002, Pages 12-15.

  98. Environmental Accounting Systems, Environmental Taxes - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, October 2002.

  99. Greening the Big Apple  Benchmarking with New York City's Con Edison, Environmental Protection, October 2002, Pages 12-14.

  100. Top Performers, Terrorism & Environmental Degradation - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, September 2002.

  101. The Sum of All Figures- Metrics that matter to top executives, Environmental Protection, September 2002, Pages 12-14.

  102. Building an EMS, Career Prospects - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, August 2002.

  103. Environmental Leadership, Christie Whitman - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, July 2002.

  104. Governance Questions  Ten Questions Executive Management May Ask You - Environmental Protection, July/August 2002, Pages 19-25.

  105. Lessons from Enron - Examining the Parallels to Environmental Governance - Corporate Strategy Today, Issue V/VI, June 2002, Pages 31-34.

  106. Environmental Reporting Costs, Gaining EHS Expertise - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, June 2002.

  107. Eco-Friendly and Fuzzy - Eco-friendly terms sound great in company statements to the public, but their use can create unintended consequences, Environmental Protection, June 2002, Pages 22-23.

  108. ISO, Janitor's Insurance - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, May 2002.

  109. Uncovering Dirty Secrets - Governance is essential but can be a career risk if not done right, Environmental Protection, May 2002.

  110. Environmental Excellence, Generalizing "Best Practices" - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, April 2002.

  111. The Big Picture - Adding the Strategy to Strategic Planning Environmental Protection, April 2002.

  112. Corporate Governance, Audits vs. Governance - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, March 2002.

  113. Dirty Secrets - The Enron debacle may prompt a re-examination of EHS governance... Be ready, Environmental Protection, March 2002.

  114. Enron's Fallout, Strategic Planning - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, February 2002.

  115. Shifting Gears - Moving from resource management to resource strategy, Environmental Protection, February 2002.

  116. Synchronicity - Formulating an integrated disclosure strategy, Environmental Protection, January 2002.

  117. EHS Organizational Structures, Defining Sustainable Development, - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, January 2002.

  118. Collateral Damage - Terrorists Attacks Stall Environmental Progress, Environmental Protection, December 2001.

  119. EHS Careers, Alternative Energy Marketing Methods, - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, December, 2001.

  120. Feeling Green Around the Gills?, Environmental Protection, November 2001.

  121. Managing During Tough Economic Times, Banning Plastic Bags, - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, November, 2001.

  122. Is The EH&S Profession in Serious Trouble?, EM Magazine, November 2001.

  123. Countdown to Zero - Environmental staffs are becoming smaller, but what is the ideal size?, Environmental Protection, October 2001

  124. EHS, By the Numbers, E-Factor, The Green Business Letter, October 2001, Page 8.

  125. Terrorist Attack & the Environment,  Required Disclosure - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, October 2001.

  126. Sustainable Development - Walking the sustainable development talk to achieve business value, Environmental Protection, September 2001, Pages 48-50. 

  127. Making the Move from Spin to Strategy - Corporate Strategy Today, Volume #3, 2001, Pages 14-16. 

  128. Hudson River PCBs, Environment as a Core Value, - Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, September 2001.

  129. What Were They Thinking? - Environmental Protection, August 2001, Pages 42-46.

  130. Staffing Ratios, Tragedy of the Commons -  Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, August 2001.

  131. Small Business, Big Problems - Emerging Trends in EH&S Consulting, EM Magazine, July 2001, Pages 11-13.

  132. Surveys of Corporate Environmental Initiatives, President's Energy Policy, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, July 2001.

  133. The Value Chase - With the economic slump, the pressure is on  to increase performance and demonstrate value to business management, Environmental Protection, July 2001, Pages 42-46.

  134. EH&S and the Internet, Land Contamination Index, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, June 2001.

  135. Environmental Politics and Strategy - Understanding Washington politics is a key element of developing a strategic plan, Environmental Protection, June 2001.

  136. Maximizing Environmental Performance, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, May 2001.

  137. What's Your Strategy?- Environmental strategies get obscured in a fog of politically correct rhetoric. It's time to lift the cloud, Environmental Protection, May 2001.

  138. Christie Whitman, Global Reporting Initiative, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, April 2001.

  139. Playing it Safe - Emerging health and safety trends that could impact your company ... and your career!, Environmental Protection, April 2001, Pages 18-22.

  140. Environmental Strategies for Large Companies, Environmental Career Paths, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, March 2001

  141. Find Out Who Really Runs the Show - If you don't get their buy-in, your projects and programs go nowhere, With Robert Kenney, Environmental Advantage, Inc., Atlanta, GA, EM Magazine, March 2001, Pages 6-8.

  142. Opacity or Transparency? - Voluntary reporting is becoming more common, but where is it headed and will it ever really matter?, Environmental Protection, March 2001, Pages 93-97, 109.

  143. Furthering Sustainable Development, Minimizing environmental liability, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, February 2001

  144. Moving Beyond "Talking Heads" Education, EM Magazine, February 2001, Pages 8-10.

  145. Coming to Grips with Business Realities - Making the Case for Strategic Planning, Environmental Protection, February 2001, Pages 42-51.

  146. Major environmental issues, Corporate social responsibility movement, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, January 2001

  147. What's the Winning Strategy? - The Competitive Game Plan for Sustainable Development,  Environmental Protection, January 2001, Pages 52-56.

  148. New World Consulting  - A look at the future of environmental consulting, EM Magazine, January  2001, Pages 9-12.

  149. Employee Bonus Plans, Advancing Environmental progress, Strategic Planning, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, December 2000

  150. Delivering the Message, Environmental Protection, December 2000, Pages 41-43.

  151. "Why Consultants Generally Suck", Fortune, May 29, 2000, EM Magazine, December 2000, Pages 7-9.

  152. Staffing by the Numbers, Environmental Law Institute website, November 2001.  

  153. Green Arthritis, Co-authored with Frank Friedman, The Environmental Forum, Environmental Law Institute, Washington, DC, November/December 2000, Pages 36-49.

  154. Shareholder value, Commodity EHS services, Student interns, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, November 2000

  155. World resources depleted…human race doomed! - Full story tonight on news at eleven, Environmental Protection, November 2000, Pages 43-45.

  156. Doing the Deal, Part 3Enhanced Environmental Due Diligence, EM Magazine, November 2000, Pages 7-9.

  157. Not what it used to be - Delivery of environmental services: How do you maximize value and treat everyone fairly?, Environmental Protection, October 2000, Pages 80-82.

  158. Shareholder value, Global environmental issues, Outsourcing, Shared services, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, October 2000.

  159. Doing the Deal, Part 2 Property Assessments, EM Magazine, October 2000, Pages 11-13.

  160. Corporate Environmental Reports - Stuck Management Processes Hold Back Real Progress, Co-authored by Romi Gottfrid, Environmental Research Associate, Council on Economic Priorities, Corporate Environmental Strategies, Elsevier Science, NY, NY, Volume 7, Number 3, Fall 2000, Pages 244-255.

  161. Social responsibility metrics, Company benchmarking, EHS Organizational structures, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, September 2000

  162. Doing the Deal, Part 1 - The high stakes in business transactions, EM Magazine, September 2000

  163. Outsourcing, Corporate reporting model, Independent verification, Environmental reports, EHS Vision statements, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, August 2000

  164. Metrics Will Matter, EM Magazine, August 2000, Pages 11-13.

  165. Vision Alignment - Seeing eye to eye with business management, EM Magazine, July 2000, Pages 26-28.

  166. Metrics, Sustainable development, Ask the Experts, GreenBiz.com, July 2000

  167. Corporate Environmental Reports - Three dimensions to success, EM Magazine, June 2000, Pages 23-26.

  168. Strategic Environmental Management - Essential Resources, with Steve Rice, Environmental Opportunities, Inc., Florham Park, NJ, EM Magazine, May 2000, Pages 25-28.

  169. Should E be Separate or Combined With H&S?, with Cord Jones, Organizations Resources Counselors, Washington, DC, EM Magazine, April 2000, 9-14.

  170. Crystal Ball Gazing  - A Critical Examination of the Environmental Profession in the New Millennium, EM Magazine, March 2000, Pages 9-14.

  171. EHS Management Systems - Easy to Understand . . . Difficult to Successfully Implement, with William Sugar, Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc., St. Louis, MO, EM Magazine, February 2000, Pages 9-13.

  172. Follow the Money - Putting the E in Enterprise Resource Planning Systems, with Cindy Moeckel, Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona, EM Magazine, January 2000, Pages 7-11.

  173. Thinking Outside the Box - Supply Chain Environmental Management brings strategic thinking beyond the factory walls, with Dr. Riva Krut, Benchmark Environmental Consulting, Hartsdale, NY, EM Magazine, December 1999, Pages 9-12.

  174. But Officer, I Have Excellent Contacts!, with Sam Ofshinsky, CGM Security Solutions, Somerset, NJ, EM Magazine, November 1999, Pages 11-13.

  175. The Best Advice May Come with Attitude, with John Musser, Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI, EM Magazine, October 1999, Pages 13-16.

  176. Building the Case for EHS Training, with Robert Pojasek, Harvard School of Public Heath, Cambridge, MA, EM Magazine, September 1999, Pages 9-11.

  177. EH&S In Depth: Looking After the Bottom Line, with Paul King, PPG Industries, Pittsburgh, PA, EM Magazine, August 1999, Pages 8-9.

  178. Right-Sizing Organizations for Quality, Three-part Series Appearing in EM, The Magazine of the Air & Waste Management Association.
    • Part 1, Right-Sizing EHS Organizations, Co-authored with Rick Monty, Director of EHS for Huntsman Chemical, May 1999, Pages 19-31.

    • Part 2, Optimizing the Organization's Structure, Co-authored with Rick Monty, Director of EHS for Huntsman Chemical and Kyle Dotson, Vice President EHS, BHP Non-Ferris and Industrial Materials, June 1999, Pages 19-33.

    • Part 3, Making the Business Case to Executive management, Co-authored with Rick Monty, Director of EHS for Huntsman Chemical, July 1999, Pages 21-29.

  179. Leading Successful Environmental, Health and Safety Organizations - Recommendations for EHS Executives, Co-authored with Dorothy Bowers, Vice President, Environmental and Safety Policy at Merck & Company and William Sugar, Senior Director, Anheuser - Busch Companies, Corporate Environmental Strategy, Vol. 5, No. 2, PRI Publishing, Metuchen, NJ, Winter 1998.

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  181. Shared Services : A Survey of Industry Practices Within Environmental, Health and Safety Organizations, September 1998, 48 Pages. Note: This is a controlled distribution report. Contact Richard MacLean for additional details .

  182. Pollution Prevention Resources, August 1998.

  183. Advice to Practitioners of Environmental Accounting, August 1998.

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